Dark Strokes: Sins of the Fathers - guide Ethan Black as he attempts to rescue his bride!

The game has a great story of love and courage and danger, that is wrappped into really beautiful graphics.

The overall adventure part just flows forwards without making you go back and forth.

You play as this young brave man, whose loved one is in danger.

Facing this great challenge for their future marriege and lives, he finds the courage to stand up against so called Faithless Ones.

I believe this is a great story, and it is also perfect for the games of this genre. The game's story is told with the very detailed and colorful and relevant graphics.

Character art, too, is extremely well done, and the team has found a method of making 2D painted faces move convincingly, which makes for some really nice dialog sequences.

In addition to nice graphics, the game has some cool interactivity.

In the form of the aforementioned super-packed hidden object scenes that require you to manipulate some items to find others.

The sound is just as perfect with some very well done voice over.

If you are one of those who can tell the difference between the different levels of quality of this part of the game, you will apprecialy the work.

There is a decent amount of the hidden object levels. They are very well done with so many details and interactive tasks for you.

But you still come across such things as a crowbar.

You will often have to play one of the mini-games. They are all great and fit into the story and general gameplay perfectly.

Some of them are new and some are not, but all of them are not extremely challenging.

The overall adventure part just flows forwards without making you go back and forth.

This game is really an example to follow for the game developers.

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