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dragon_storyDragon Story is a free game that's loads of fun. It is of the monster breeding genre and the particular monsters you'll be breeding are dragons.

You start with an egg, incubate it in a nest, once it's ready to hatch, you have to move it to a habitat, then you feed the dragon and raise him/her to maturity, and then you can breed them and make money off of them.

You grow your own food, which means maintaining farms for impruberries, buffbeets, and fireapples.

There are lots of upgrades in this game. The central focus is the evolution and breeding of dinosaurs, but besides that, there are farms and you can upgrade the habitats.

If you enjoy farming games, then you'll love this game, because farming is part of the package.

dragon_storyMuch like in other farming games, you can add little decorations around your plantation and expand your territory.

Your dragon grows as you feed him, and the more grown he is, the more money you can harvest from him.

He can also evolve to different forms, which increases the quality of eggs he/she produces.

At a level four, he can reproduce and at level six, he can evolve. You can invite your friends to play with you and visit their dragon farms and help out.

There are two types of currency: silver and gold. You mainly gain silver throughout the gameplay, but every now and then you might get a little gold.

You can purchase gold through the store. This is where the game makes its money.

There are some cool things that you can get with gold that you can't get with regular silver, but you don't need to spend any money to have a real enjoyable gaming experience.

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