Put the machine back together in Emma and the Inventor!

If you expect some drama, horror or great mystery, Emma and the Inventor is not for you. The game's story does have some unclear and challenging turns, but nothing extremely disgusting and terrifying and sick. This is a place for a nice pieceful quest.

First of all you will have to interact with many items as you explore locations.

Having said that the quest is pieceful, I didn't mean that there are no problems to solve here. You play as Emma, a young girl, who set out to visit her grandpa only to find him missing. You only know that something happened with him as he was testing a new machine.

He is an inventor (now the title totally makes sence to you, right?), which means he invests stuff. He's been waiting for Emma to show her this new invention, but something went wrong.

So this is what the story is all about. You proceed through the story as you find different clues that will take you to your grandpa.

The game offers a well known set of activities.

First of all you will have to interact with many items as you explore locations. Those are not very difficult to figure out due to the sparkles. Those are your guides through the game. As you use those items, you come across different puzzles.

Those puzzles are fun for a change. Nothing extremely complicated. Then there are also hidden object levels. They are not very challenging, but not totally easy too. You are just to follow the list of items.

Rechargable hints are available to you.

The game looks and sounds very well. The hidden object scenes look a bit cluttered sometimes, but in general the locations are very attractive.

The dialogues are voiced over, which is very appreciated.

The game is a nice place to be and play. Hopefully this short review helps you understand if you want it.

Review from gamemile.com