Fables of the Kingdom II Game Review

Fables of the Kingdom II Collector's Edition is a newly released time management game with an adventure and a whole lot tasks for you. Just like many time management games, this one features bright and colorful scenes and friendly characters, but don't think there is no challenges and obstacles to overcome!

Fables of the Kingdom II

We are back to the Kingdom of Fables of the Kingdom series. King Artos is cursed and Kevin is about to set out to search for some magic armor that can save the king and the kingdom. This adventure is going to take you to some distant parts of the kingdom and to some interesting characters and animals there.

The graphics of the game are all bright and crisp, very cartoonish. Some of the scenes are in the forests, some are in the mountains, some are in more deserted places - a lot of diversity there. The music fits the time and scenes completely. Some of the scenes look like they are from the book about middle ages.

Fables of the Kingdom II


Since you are playing a time management game, you are going to have to do a lot of different little things, like clearing roads or gathering supplies or getting upgrades for the houses which allow you to get more workers and resources.

You do have to have a strategy to have the tasks you give to the people accomplished, but it isn't that difficult. If you are a more experienced time management player, the whole game is going to seem quite easy.

But if you are looking for some time management fun rather than challenge, this one is for you! And if this game is going to seem challenging for you, there is a strategy guide available right from the screen - you don't even have to go to the main menu. The CE extras are not really impressive, but you do get things like a bonus chapter, achievements, wallpaper.

The game is a fun little adventure, that would be great for the young players!

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