Play an addictive game Gardenscapes!

Some things just make you feel good. Like a favourite pair of jeans or a cup of coffee. Gardenscapes is quite one of those. The graphics looks cute, the story opens a nice place for you in it, the levels feature attractive challenge.

The game begins with you thinking about living closer to the nature and farther from the city dust. The next thing you know is you inherit a manson with a great garden, and you need to go there right now.

When you arrive you meet a butler Austin who will gladly show you around and tell what to do.

The garden that was once a beautiful place is now all out of order. And it is now your responsability to bring it to its new glory. There's an easy way to do that. You throw sales and the money that you get from those sales go on the updates of the garden.

The sales happen in the following way. You find ourself in a scene. In stead of the list of items to find you get people who want to buy certain things. The people have hearts representing their patience.

This reminds of time-management games but it's actually purely a hidden-object one.

The hint system is an interesting one here. A hint will show you what the items you are looking for look like. That actually helps a lot. But the hints can be given in different ways. For example, you can also get a hint that will leave only the things requested at the moment. The screen will only stay like that for a while and then you are to find them.

I enjoyed the game even though it doesn't sound like a one of a kind one.