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grim_facade_a_wealth_of_betrayalGrim Facade: A Wealth of Betrayal Collector's Edition is one of the recently released games into the hidden object puzzle adventure genre.

The story takes to beautiful Spain to solve one of teh darkest stories of e village there.

There's a whole story in the village about the Hire Knight, who lost his love because she was thought to be a witch, got angry and managed to carry out his revenge and was killed as a result with a sword.

The sword from his stature has been stolen recently and he's been seen in the village.

grim_facade_a_wealth_of_betrayalA man hires you to solve all that as his wife gets accused to unleashing the knight.

But it turns out there is more to the story.

And it is up to you to discover what is it with this lady.

The game's graphics are beautiful as you explore different lcations in a Spenish village. The voice overs are fine.

There are all kinds of hidden boject scenes in this game.

The Hidden Object Scenes are a mixture of just about anything you want from: Finding items that match the simple descriptions, Putting items back into the scene, Finding the correct foods to feed different animals, Finding 12 stringed instruments and even using an eraser to find objects in a book.

grim_facade_a_wealth_of_betrayalIf you don't like HOS there is a game of mahjong you can opt for.

The mini-games are available in casual or hard mode.

There are collectibles and achievements all through out the game.

The former you use to get something, the latter you stor in a special room.

The game is excellent and fun. There's an interesting story and a challenging gameplay.


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