Play an addictive game Marooned!

Imagine that you have opened your eyes and it happened that you are somewhere on a deserted island. Moreover, you do not remember your name as well as how you got there and where you should go. But the most important question is how you should get home! Panic... Disappointment... Desire to find out what has happened as soon as possible!

From the very moment you start to investigate the island. As you will see, it is not so big, but at the same time not so small. It consists of different locations such as beach, boathouse, caves, jungles, science lab, wrecked ship and some more. Your task is to examine every location and find the clues which will help you to get rid of amnesia and find a way home. For this you will have to fulfill the particular tasks: either to find the hidden items or to make a quest task. You will return to the same location for several times. All the hidden object tasks may be devided into three groups. According to the first, you should find the objects which are given in the list. Second group contains 15 items of the same category. For example: 15 stars or frogs and so on. In order to complete the third group, you will need to find two objects that make up the third. For example, "beach sport". For this you should find a ball and a gate. An example of the so-called quest task is the following: there is a monkey on a tree that holds your bag. You should somehow frighten it. For this you will search for banana, throw it to monkey and it will drop the bag so that you could take it.

At the begining you will be given five hints. They are represented as arrows. Be attentive! As there is an arrow at every location. It means that you can always find an additional hint.

All the scenes contain hotpots where you will use object from the inventory. Not always all the objects can be found at the same location. Very often you will have to browse to another places, find a necesseary object, return to the original scene and solve a puzzle. For example, you are to make an eel leave the wrecked ship. For this you will have to walk through the beach, find a camera and take a picture of an eel. After a bright flash, it will float away. After a scene is completed, there is a piece of necessary information for you. Thus, step by step you will recollect who you are and what are you doing on this island.

Though you will have to return to the same locations, you will not become bored. As the developers have prepared a great many puzzles that will save intrigue till the end of the game. And I believe you will be so excited with the game, that you will not notice the time spent on it.