Moai IV: Terra Incognita Game Review

It is summer, and all of us need a bit of adventure in our life during these hot days. The casual games world has a fun place for you to go to! It is a new release into the Moai series – Moai IV: Terra Incognita Collector’s  Edition.

Moai IV: Terra IncognitaThis series is fun and colorful, well, as long as you are a time management genre fan. You are going to meet one of the cutest couples in the gaming world again. If you haven’t played any of the previous games, you might want to check them out to see how it all started. This time around they are not just a couple, but a family of four.

It seems that the gods were not happy about something and caused an earthquake that resulted in a tsunami-like destruction to their coastal villages. But it also caused new islands to form and appear from under the water. You are about to start a new adventure of populating those islands.

There is a bonus chapter that has another adventure for you. The characters and the scenes look better than ever before. The sounds and music really make you want to take a trip to an island. It is a great game for summer. 

Moai IV: Terra IncognitaThe game has two modes of difficulty – Easy and Casual. The first one is not timed if you really enjoy the time management game process without an extra challenge of time limit.

The other one is obviously timed and forces you to move forward quickly. Though you can replay the levels for best results possible.

There is a strategy guide as a CE extra to help you out if you are stuck or maybe it’s better to say, if you are stuck and replaying the level doesn’t help. Other extras include wallpaper, soundtracks, and character biographies.

The gameplay is fun. You are challenged with a great number of achievements. There are also chests with valuable artifacts, that are basically like power-ups or bonuses. You carry then in your sac and choose which ones you want to use before a level.

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