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nevertales_shattered_imageNevertales: Shattered Image Collector's Edition is a nice hidden object puzzle adventure game that has been released a while ago.

You are going to travel through worlds and battle with the mysterious creatures for the desteny of your daughter and world.

In this game, you meet a family of travelers (those who played The Beauty Within will be already familiar with them) meaning that they can travel through portals.

The daughter turns 12 and turns out to be able to travel not only through books like her parents, but through reflecting surfaces like mirrors.

Unfortunately, before she learns how to be careful, she's kidnapped by a monster from a mirror.

nevertales_shattered_imageNow you need to rescue her and all the book worlds that are being shattered apart.

The graphics are very nice. You will find yourself in many different environments from a desert to an underwater world. The voice overs are done professionally.

The game is just full of hidden object scenes, puzzles and mini-games of all kinds.

There really is a great variety in gameplay's every aspect.

The bonus content offers you more of gaming experience (some HOS and a the parents' love story).

Of course, there are also achievements, wallpaper, soundtrack etc...

The game is great. It is more of a light HOPA game compared to other dark stories in this genre.

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