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nightmares_from_the_deep_davy_joAARRRGGHHH!!!! If haunted pirate tales shiver ye timbers, then this be the game fer' ye!

Nightmares From The Deep: Davy Jones is part III of the Nightmares From The Deep trilogy.

Davy Jones captures you and your daughter and tricks your daughter, Cory, into signing a pact with him.

This hidden object puzzle adventure game has a cool story and serves as a great capstone for the series.

I'm a bit of a pirate nerd, so I like the classic pirate feel to graphics.

nightmares_from_the_deep_davy_joIn my humble pirate enthusiast opinion, the graphics for this game were a bit below par on the grounds that they drifted from having a rustic, candlelit feel and had more of a neon light feel to them.

The sounds were allright, but could use some more creeking.

Call me hard to please, but the game didn't feel as 'pirate' as it could have.

Nightmares from the Deep: Davy JonesThat being said, the storyline and the puzzles were good.

They've got three different hidden object scenes set up on different parts of the ship and different types of minigames to move you along as you try to rescue your daughter.

nightmares_from_the_deep_davy_joThere are collectables that are pretty neat: cards, seahorses, and puzzle pieces.

The collector's edition has extra wallpapers and art, but like I say, I'm not a huge fan of the art on this one. The music is allright, though.

The game is a great sea adventure for the fans of pirates and marine themes.


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