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off-the-record-the-italian-affaiOff The Record: The Italian Affair Collector's Edition is one of the newly released hidden boject puzzle adventure games.

The game goes to the mafia theme just like one other recent release.

Off the Record: The Italian Affair It is a cool game!

I think that Italian crime has been overshadowed by the whole Italian-American mafia thing.

Off the Record: The Italian Affair takes you to Venice to chase down La Volpe, aka “The Fox.”

off-the-record-the-italian-affaiThis guy has been up to no good.

Now, The Italian Affair is a sequel, so you should know that in Off the Record: Linden Shades, the main character tracked down some various artifacts (don't worry, you don't need to play the first game to understand the second).

At the beginning of The Italian Affair, La Volpe returns from retirement after five years and jacks one of the artifacts from a museum, so you've got to chase him down.

Seems normal, but then this crazy chick starts to stalk you!

She's all like, “it's The Fox” and he's all like, “No, it's my crazy ex” and I'm all like, “How did I get wrapped up in this awkward fight between a villain and his ex?” It's complicated, but totally in a good way.

off-the-record-the-italian-affaiThe game play is interesting. Collectibles include 10 travel guide pages, 16 letters of the alphabet, 17 morphs, and 52 fox figurines.

There are 10 HOPs and 30 puzzles. If you can do them without a hint, you can unlock achievements.

The art is great. It's a game about an art thief, so you would have high expectations for the graphics, and I'd say that the graphics have met and exceeded my expectations.

If you played they first game and enjoyed it, please treat yourself to this one as well!

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