Play a mysterious game Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse!

Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse is a new hidden object release from Gogii Games. The game is full of everything to fit into the genre. In this game the princess doesn't need but she is supposed to be the rescuer of the whole castle.

As a woman I guess that is very disappointing and dangerous to ruin a girl's happiest day. But our princess is strong enough to overcome this and restore the chaos. Upon getting back from riding she finds the complete castle cursed by the witch with her being the only one to save everyone from the mirrors where they are trapped.

She isn't all alone. She has a fairy friend that reminds Tinkerbell. This helper possesses special powers to help her.

At first, she can only provide you with hints, but she gets able to do (poor out waters, smash things with rocks, burn and blow) more as you progress through the game.

You are to go to room after room and find the way to remove a curse from all of them. The way to do that can be different for every room so prepare for different tasks. The veriaty is quite wide and keeps you interested long enough.

Another task you are to persue is collecting the mirror pieces. You are to collect those in order to set free your family members. Setting free one gives you items and clues to progress in the next level.

The game provides you with a very convenient map to move around the castle. And that's very useful since you it's huge and you could easily got lost. The game also tells you when you are done with a room which doasn't leave you wondering if there's more to do.

The only drawback of the game is voice acting. Some of it is actually very annoying. But if you think of everything else the game offers it might be something you can stand.

In the final battle you do a hidden object search racing with the witch. Whoever is the first done wins. After this battle you either get back to where you were - wedding or you try to win again.

Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse is absolutely a great game of the genre if you are thinking of getting it.