Play a match three game Simplz: Zoo!

The name of this game can tell you much about the game itself. From it we can find out that the main goal will be to keep a zoo and the idea of the game is to make the game as more thrilling as possible, but at the same time to maintain the gameplay simplicity. And thus we get the unbelievable match three game Simplz: Zoo.

The game starts from the written letter. It is from your so called grandpa. He informs you that long ago he has bought a zoo. He always wanted to make it the best one in the world. But years have passed and all he has in his zoo is only Leo the lion. He is a star in the zoo, because there is no more animals except it. Grandpa hopes much that you will be able to take care of the zoo as he gifts it to you. To take care mainly means to buy new animals and buildings.

So your goal is simple. But in order to realize it, you should earn money. For this, you are to make some matching actions. In here the technique is the same: the more tiles you match, the more money you earn. But Simplz: Zoo has a lot of innovations. For example, if you match three tiles with meat in a row, you will hear a lion's roar. If you match 6 or more same tiles, you will get an award. Besides, there are tokens among the tiles. When you lead them to the bottom of the screen, they burst and a new decoration item for your zoo is opened. Except tokens, there are tiles with animals. When you match them, a new animal becomes available for buying.

When the matching work is done, you can spend the money earned on purchasing the new stuff. For example, fountain, trees, buildings such as veterinarian hospital and so on.

You will start from the very beginning and thus as was mentioned above there will be only a lion in the zoo. Gradually, you will unlock more animals among which are zebra, bear, birds, camel and much more. By the way, at every level you can earn the Conservation Points, which can be further changed on birds or animals. The graphics is made up in a fairy tale style. That's why animals are very cute and it's a pleasure to watch them.

Every time you need help, you can turn to information booth. A girl named Carly will help you. Every time you want to watch the zoo, you can turn to a mini map and navigate through the zoo with the help of mouse. Just press the left button, hold it and move all around the zoo. You can also zoom a screen with the help of a mouse roll.

When you direct a cursor at a particular object, a pop-up menu appears. It allows you to relocate, sell and read information about this object.

I dare to say that this game is one of the best match three games that I ever played. It involves and simulates you to make more and more matches because you understand that your zoo is dependent upon them. And then you rush to your zoo and upgrade it again and again. You will not be disappointed. Just play and get sure about this!