Stray Souls: Stolen Memories - guide a mother into a twisted reality!

Something constantly gets lost in the hidden object puzzle adventure genre.

Souls is actually one of the most common things.

Stray Souls: Stolen Memories Collector's Edition is a sequel where you to some unknown place to uncover some mysteries and rescue your child!

As you probably expect things are quite complicated here.

You play as a mother who is challenged to follow a ghost to a place that looks like a nightmare to rescue her daughter.

And she takes the challenge, of course.

A terrifying clown turns out to be one of the major characters in this place, and this whole journey is going to reveal something about your husband.

Those who need chills on their backs are in the right place.

The story is nightmarish and the visual presentation goes hand in hand with the sounds to make the whole experience even more realistic.

The gameplay is a pretty typical for the genre, but great nonetheless.

You are going to play in one of two modes over a dosen of chapters.

The hidden object scenes are not too many. They are different in how you search for items and a bit interactive.

There are also mini games that are familiar from the other games, but they are still fun to play as you move through the story.

The cutscenes are visually stunning and punch up the action a few notches each time they play.

It may seem like small points to mention, but when a game lets you sit and enjoy everything without interfering, it makes for a much better experience.

The game is beautifully creepy and is probably one of those that are perfect for fans of the genre.