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surface_game_of_gods_collectors_The company, Elephant Games, which created the fascinating series Mystery Trackers and Grim Tales, has come up with the sixth installment of their awesome Surface series!

Both the series fans and the first-timers will enjoy it.

Surface: Game of Gods Collector's Edition is a hot new game that lives up to the precedent of the previous five hidden object puzzle adventure episodes and is sure to keep earlier fans buckled down for another round of fun.

Surface: Game of GodsYou play the role of Alice Russel, who is trying to get to the bottom of the disappearing of her friends, Jim, Kevin, and Maggie.

surface_game_of_gods_collectors_The game starts in a detective's office where you are reporting the kidnapping, and then takes you into the past to look at the events leading up to the case.

Then, you return back to modern day, where you look at surveillance tapes (which, you get to unscramble in a neat mini-game).

This clever bouncing back and forth between past and present with little puzzles along the way gives this game a unique entertaining feel.

Surface: Game of GodsIn the collector's edition, you can uncover the secrets of the mysterious stranger in the bonus game. Definitely worth the download!

Furthermore, this collector's edition is unique because you can find hidden flowers and use them in the Secret Room.

There are soundtracks, concept art, wallpapers, and such media and a comprehensive Strategy Guide to help you along the way.

Lots of bang for your buck on this one. The free version is also available to check it out before buying.

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