Jump Robot: Space Adventure

Have you ever dreamed of having your very own robot ? Meet an insanely addictive arcade game from the creators of sensational Last Robot series. Guide your character via tilt controls up in the sky. The higher you get, the more points you score and the more different obstacles appear to slow down your progress and keep you on your toes in this crazy jumping game!

As you collect coins, you can customize your robot with awesome upgrades and guide it on the endless journey in the sky. Use different items to add a unique dynamic to the game. Tap your touchscreen to use the jet pack and gain flying capabilities for a short period of time. Add engine power, jump strength, strafe, parachute, health, improved replaceable parts and more.

Download the game and get hours of fun-packed action combined with unique user-generated content! Richly illustrated environments and incredible soundtrack ignite the real spirit of non-stop action. Build up your robot and soar up to the Space and beyond.

- Cool power-ups and numerous upgrades
- Slow-motion effects from The Matrix
- Easy-to-use accelerometer controls
- Fantastic graphics and non-stop action
- Unique user-generated content