Tap the Bubble: Free Arcade Game

Enjoy free fun multi-touch cooperate gameplay in the most challenging bubble tap adventure Tap the Bubble. You won't be bored with Tap the Bubble, while tapping on the screen with all available hands.

Burst many-coloured bubbles on your iPhone/iPad in Tap the Bubble. As bubbles fill your screen you should pop them by the touch of your fingers. Multi-touch function allows you to play Tap the Bubble with your friends on the same screen. You won't get short of bubbles, because they are always coming, the only concern is time. Be quick and precise, because every mishit results in time losses.

The game is aimed at gaining the highest possible score, so another pair of hands will be extremely useful to win. This game is easy-to-learn yet hard-to-master.

- Blitz session mechanics
- Multi-touch mechanics
- Multiplayer mode
- 50 fun levels
- Exciting action
- Blitz gameplay