Mahjong Mystery: Case of Numbers

Crack a new mystery case in a reflective matching game Mahjong Mystery: Case of Numbers. Develop your own safe strategy to earn the top score in this unusual combination of classic chinese mahjong and simple math puzzle.

Look into an extraordinary digits of mahjong tiles and join our exciting online competition. In this fun matching game your task is to clear the field making necessary sum of digits on the tiles. You can use any digits to make up the said number. For example, match 3 and 7, or 5, 4 and 1 to make 10. Develop your very own strategy, as every tile left on the field decreases your level score.

Mahjong Mystery: Case of Numbers is also a perfect educational game for kids to pick up simple math. This multiplayer board game will swamp you with easy-to-catch mechanic and true numbers matching fun! Become a real mahjong master!

- Incredible layouts will make your time fly
- Each level presents you a unique challenge
- Original game idea
- Reflective mahjong match
- Enjoy multiplayer mode
- Learning game for kids
- Make your way through 45 great levels