Absolutist presents a new adventure game in the best traditions of the genre: Green Moon

Green Moon brand for OS Windows
was released by Absolutist on December 18, 2009.

Green Moon is going to breathe new life into good old adventure genre.

Here is the game which is sure to appear interesting for any generation of players. No usual search for a number of certain items, as in common HOGs, no linear plot or predictable outcome… No deadlines or levels. You can save the game at any place… The principles of combining, using and applying different items as well as the actions needed to complete make a player rack his brains a bit. It is you who choose the strategy in this game, our role is just guide you from time to time.

A quantity of locations, the tangle of time and space stories, different characters' features, amusing (and not that much) mini-games – all that is meant to make your adventure so varied that you'll just have no time to get bored…

The story starts trivially... You inherit an old little house and come to look it round…And, as it usually happens, the surprise is in store for you… And this time a very original one. That's when the whole story starts. The story which is to drag you through reality and mysticism... The story where science meet magic… Though, let us not show the hand.

That is what Alex Bass – the game creator, artist and producer – says about his game: “Having observed a lack of classic adventure games in the casual games market, we are glad to present you something that has almost been forgotten so unfairly – the rebirth of the genre!

So, please, welcome a new-good-old in the world of casual games. Recall and enjoy.

Main features of the game:

  1. stunning visuals
  2. over 300 locations
  3. original story
  4. 8 mini-games
  5. about 50 hours of entertaining adventure

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