Aquabble Quest

Aquabble Quest Aquabble Quest
Here is the story of Timmy Turtle. He was playing on the river bank. And everything was wonderful. Clear water with pebbles, reed, dragonflies flying over. And suddenly he found himself alone in the unknown place. All was the same - shining in the sun river, pebbles on the water. But he wasn't happy anymore. Where're his mom and pa? Help brave little turtle get home to his family by clearing aquabbles that block his path home. Follow the river of Azabelle.The game has 2 game modes. The player's goal is the same in both modes: to pop all the bubbles thus clear out the pond.In Casual mode: Take your time, plan your shots and play around with aquabbles in a pond for high score.In Quest mode: Help Timmy Turtle get to his family by popping aquabbles that block his path home down the river.Little Timmy can use bonuses to help himself solve aquabble puzzle: bombs,black baloons, submarine and others that will bring you a lot of surprises. You will also face obstacles, more lines of aquabbles, more colors on the field, more speed...more fun!Features:- great storyline;- a daring quest down the river of Azabelle;- two absorbing game modes: Quest and Casual;- exciting power-ups;- lots of fun!