Dynamic Lines

Dynamic Lines Dynamic Lines
Dynamic Lines is a new variant of Lines game with different skill levels. You could also order the Personal Edition with your picture included. Main features of the game: three levels of skill: Novice, Master, Expert; suitable for kids, as well as expert players ; a new - Dynamic - variant which requires not just thinking, but doing it fast sound effects; excellent graphics quality at any screen size; Web contest for best players; Personal Edition available on request. Personal Edition order will give you a Dynamic Lines game specially designed for you with the unique interface, customized with a photograph, or some other picture that you choose. The downloadable version of Dynamic Lines is fully functional and has no expiration time. We also offer to you the Personal Edition of the game. This game a derivation from a popular computer game Lines. Your aim is to try to clear the board, while the colour balls keep appearing on it. You put them in lines, and they blow up. If your move is not successful, a few more jump onto the board. The levels differ by the size of the board (from sixteen to sixty four cells), the number of colours and the number of balls you have to arrange in a row - 3, 4 and 5, respectively. The Novice level is fun even for kids, the Master is quite a task to face for anybody. Those are the classic Lines rules. We, however, added something new to this game, to make it a bit more dynamic, as the title says. The balls do not wait for your moves, but appear every few seconds. It is probably the good idea to train for a little while with standard mode, before plunging into the dynamic one. To add some kind of contest, your results can be saved on the web server, and would appear in the Best Scorers table. Just click on the 'Save' button when the game has ended, and make sure your Internet connection is up.