Pinball Golf Pool

Pinball Golf Pool Pinball Golf Pool
A highly amusing game for fans of pooling, billiards, pinball and golf and for those who just want to have fun. Here you find three gaming modes that provide you with different gameplay and strategy demanded. Dozens of levels with different fields are enough to fill few hours a day. If these variations seem to be not enough for you, it is possible to create your own level and make your task more or less difficult according to your desire. Registered game is made to make your playing as pleasant as possible.The two week's trial period is free. What's in the registered game: 50 levels to play; game autosave option; a possibility to create more the; your best results are saved, and can take part in the Web-contest for top players; reminder window doesn't bother you any more; free technical support by e-mail; upgrade to new versions is free for registered users.