RoBOTanks RoBOTanks
RoBOTanks is a new thrilling game. It is for you if you like to drive the robotank through the labyrinths with a lot of traps and troops. We suppose, the machine-gun and the powerful cannon will help you in your trip. You can find more powerful weapon and some useful items like bombs and safety shields, or better chassis if the your one slips on the ice or does not allow to cross the acid. In the SETUP window you can not only turn the sound and the music in the game on and off but also set the music volume and choose between window and full screen mode. The Level Editor allows you to create your own war zones and to continue the game as long as you wish even with non-registered version. This game will be a wonderful novelty for your collection! Only five levels available in the unregistered version. Please register to get more then 50 game levels. The registered game version features: Possibility to play more then 50 game levels. The music providing the program can be replaced by the music you compose yourself. The "Buy Me" nag-screen will not disturb you any longer. Your best results can be published at our site in the Internet You will get free technical support by You will get free upgrades to new game versions.