Water Bugs

Water Bugs Water Bugs
These crazy Water Bugs have infested our oceans and they're making a huge mess! It's up to you to clear them out and restore our precious ecosystem! Set your traps by casting your nets to fill up the screen and save the day. See if you can survive over 500 levels to stop them in their path! Imagine you are to protect the ecosystem of Earth that is suffering from invasion of water bugs. Stand up to the ruthless army of water bugs. You are to fight for every square foot of underwater space and keep the enemy from occupying the game field. Shoot'em, stand on their way, don't let them win!You'd better take a deep breath before you start for you are to go through over 500 skill levels in the underwater world. Enjoy the fancy graphics of the game, grab bonuses and use different weapons to shoot your enemies. The destiny of mankind depends on you!The game features:- over 500 skill levels;- over 5 types of weapon;- speed control;- game autosave option;- ability to choose the level to start from;- for advanced players: ability to choose the skill level area to start from