Black Jack


Your goal is to draw cards until your hand comes as close as possible to 21 without exceeding 21. If your first two cards total to 21, you have blackjack, and win 3/2 of your bet. Aces count as either 1 or 11, dressed cards as 10, and remaining cards according to their number values. If the total of your cards exceeds 21, you "bust" and lose. If your first two cards are of the same value, you may split them into two separate hands, placing a second wager of equal value. If you split two aces, you get only one additional card for each hand. When you think your two cards are strong, you can double the bet and you are allowed to receive just one additional card. Insurance is a game of its own within blackjack, and gives you the chance to protect yourself when you believe that the dealer might have blackjack. The dealer must draw cards until he has at least 17, and must stand at 17 or higher.