Fitz! 2


Fitz! online game has become one of the brand titles. This addicting matching game featured 3 types of grid to provide undiminishing challenge and varied gameplay. Now be ready to meet its incredible sequel. Fitz! 2 features 50 levels and fast-paced match 3 gameplay, because colored tiles has changed its look-and-feel completely. As you play online in multiplayer mode both you and your rival can now see possible moves better, which ensures utter dynamics. With all that it remains a nice puzzle game for kids to enjoy. Use different powerups to cope with the task quicker. For instance, the bomb places three explosives on the board, and the paintbrush repaints up to ten tiles enabling you to clear tricky parts of the board. It is one of the top free match 3 games on our website. We hope you will enjoy it too!