Boa Constrictor

Boa Constrictor Boa Constrictor
Boa Constrictor is a great arcade game, which is based upon the good old SnakePit, and adds a host of new features and tricks. Two-player mode is provided. Several dozen of labyrinth rooms are available in full version, as well as different skill levels and playing modes. Boa's goal is to gobble everything eatable in the maze, trying not to run into dangerous walls and snakes.When the meal is over and nothing left to eat, a portal to the next level is opened. Every time Boa eats one food item, it grows by one segment. If you feel it has become too long andunwieldy, try to bite off the last segment of its tail.The two week's trial period is free.In the registered game:three skill levels of different difficulty, even kids can have fun;three different playing modes for every taste;dozens of rooms and labyrinths;tune various options to your taste;your best results are saved, and can take part in the Web-contestfor top players;runs on Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP;free technical support by e-mail;upgrage to new versions is free for registered users.Both installer and uninstaller are included.All your best results are submitted to the server and take part in the World-wide contest.