Strike Ball 2 Deluxe

Do you remember the feverish compulsion to beat "just one more level" when you played Strike Ball 2? Then prepare for your temperature to skyrocket when you play the new version! Strike Ball 2 Deluxe is twice as big as the original and more than double the fun. Everything you enjoyed about the first release is back along with 100 new levels and six new powerups. The makers of Strike Ball 2 Deluxe have crafted some amazing 3D levels. Although the active volcano is sure to be a hit with fans, the authentic recreation of one of the first airplanes is going to drop jaws! You'll also love the new pickups in Strike Ball 2 Deluxe. From the Hexagon, which changes the shape of your ball, to the Super Weapon, which shakes the screen as it obliterates a massive number of bricks, the new powerups are geared toward eye-popping fun! Download the free trial version today and start enjoying your new Arkanoid addiction! Full version features:200 3D levels29 bonusesSix kinds of enemiesUnlimited game timeFull technical support