Surface: The Pantheon

Surface: The Pantheon Surface: The Pantheon
Your whole life changed the day when you missed the train in which your husband and daughter were waiting for you. The tunnel through the Ridge of Leviathan was finally open, and that was supposed to be a quick journey. But the Capital Express repeated the destiny of Titanic - its first trip bacame its last one. The train never came out of the tunnel as if it vanished in the thin air. If it was't for a stranger that ran into you that day on the platform, you would now be with your family wherever they were. A year later you come to the closed tunnel searching for the truth and suddenly meet a strange man who pretends to be a scientist. As a research of the paranormal activity in the tunnel, he suggests you set an extraordinary experiment. Can you trust him? Anyway, it doesn't matter. Dr Bors is right - you have nothing to lose now. Join you lost family in Surface: The Pantheon, a exciting Hidden Object Adventure Game.